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How To Get Ready For Your FaceTime Date

How to Get Ready for Your FaceTime Date

Facetime Dating

The biggest part of dating during COVID-19, is you’ll be attached at the hip to your mobile phone,  your digital teddy bear.

The easiest way to keep the flow with someone you’ve been chatting with is to graduate from text to a video chat.

If you have an iPhone, chances are, you’re probably using FaceTime to chat with friends and family.

On Elite Daily, I explained the benefits of using Facetime to create a shared experience with the person you’re dating. You can also see your date’s reaction over video chat to add an extra dimension to help you feel closer.

Here are 5 ways to get ready for your FaceTime date

1. Schedule a Convenient Time.

Chances are your calendar is pretty empty if you’re safe at home, but that doesn’t  mean you or your date aren’t already scheduled with Zoom meetings or essential walks in the park. Make sure you find a time where you’re relaxed and can be yourself.

Dating in the Age of Covid-19 Facetime Dating

Add your FaceTime date to your iCalendar and try not to cancel. While you’re at it, set an alarm on your device for ten minutes before the start time of your date, so you wont be late.

2. Pick out Your Date Outfit. 

It’s time to ditch the sweats, and find a dress or top that makes you smile. Try to select something you’d wear if you were meeting your date for the first time. I’m a big fan of wearing red on a first date, and since you’ll be waist-up, a great sweater would work well.

Dating in the Age of Covid 19

To stay organized, create a spreadsheet or document that calendars your flurry of dates and your looks, so you can wear something new and exciting for your second date.

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3. Check the Lighting.

There’s a reason everyone on a TV news show looks so amazing, and it’s all about the lighting. These days, you can buy a ring light for $25 -$50 to clip on your mobile phone, or a 12″ ring light with a stand. The trick is to make sure the lighting is in front of you, and not behind you. If you’re hopping on FaceTime with natural lighting outdoors, that’s ideal.

Dating in the Age of Covid 19

Remember to add a little lipstick and don’t worry about having a bad hair day.

4. Script Thought Provoking Questions.

Dating should be fun, even if you’re self-quarantined.  No one wants to feel like they’re in a deposition, or like they’re speaking with a lawyer,  so it’s time to ask some pre-created questions.

Dating in the Age of Covid-19

I’m a big fan of  Skin Deep’s Dating Edition of  THE {    } AND. Each box contains 199 cards guaranteed to get you through at least the first week or month of dating.

5. Go on a Dress Rehearsal.

Your friends want to see you happy, so while most of you are quarantined, select a pal to hop on a FaceTime call with before your date. Make sure your internet connection is strong, and that you’re looking and feeling your best.

Dating in the Age of COVID-19

If you need extra hand-holding, book a Dress Rehearsal with us, to get you date-ready for your Zoom or FaceTime date.


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I’m Julie Spira, founder of Cyber-Dating Expert, and I created Dating in the Age of COVID-19: How to Find Love in a Pandemic to help singles master video dating while self-isolating or in quarantine due to the coronavirus. Follow @JulieSpira on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or send me a message to connect.  

Julie Spira

Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert and the founder of Cyber-Dating Expert. She's been coaching singles on finding love online for almost 25 years, and created Dating in the Age of COVID-19: How to Find Love in a Pandemic to help singles with virtual dating during quarantine.
Follow @JulieSpira on Twitter and Instagram.

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