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For a limited time during COVID-19, we’ll go on a mock date with you to get you ready for your virtual video date.

Dating feels more complicated these days, and we’re here to make some sense of finding love in the time of COVID-19.

If you’re feeling isolated and lonely now, or are wondering how to navigate dating in this pandemic, you’re not alone. The need to connect during a crisis is elevated. 

Even if you pushed the pause button on dating, finding love doesn’t need to be put on hold. Singles are finding deep connections during this uncertain time, and so can you.

On Dating in the Age of COVID-19, we’d like to add a little love and joy to your life. We’ll help you master dating in this unprecedented time, prepare you for your virtual dates with our signature Dress Rehearsal session, and will share your inspiring and heartfelt #DatingWhileQuarantined stories. We’re also providing free dating profile critiques during our #DateChat Social Hour to help you look your best.

While you’re here, we invite you to take our poll on how dating has changed for you, dig deeper by taking our dating survey, and listen to some music in our Quarantine Playlist on Spotify.

We’re all in this together, so cast a wide net while you’re #safeathome, and come back to visit us. 

Say goodbye to hookups and hello to meaningful conversations.


Dress Rehearsal - Dating in the Age of Covid-19

Corona Dating Stories

Are you looking for love on dating apps?

Are you dating virtually, or are you in quarantine together?

We’d love to hear from you!

Share your #DatingDuringQuarantine story.


Blake and Abbey - Dating During Quarantine

Meet Blake, a single digital advertising account manager, who’s looking for a serious relationship solely using video dating. Determined to find the one, he created his own show, The Live Dating Show on Facebook Live.

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How to Get Ready for Your FaceTime Date

Facetime Dating

The biggest part of dating during COVID-19, is you’ll be attached at the hip to your mobile phone,  your digital teddy bear.

The easiest way to keep the flow with someone you’ve been chatting with is to graduate from text to a video chat.

If you have an iPhone, chances are, you’re probably using FaceTime to chat with friends and family.

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How to Date Safely in a Pandemic

Dating Safety - Dating in the Age of Covid-19

We care about your safety, both online while you stay safe at home, and if you’re out for essential reasons remember to practice social-isolation.

Online Dating Safety Tips

  • Chat with people on dating apps, but don’t provide your home address.

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Fun Things to Do on Your Virtual Date


To keep your date interested in spending time with you in endless chats, you need to be interesting.

I’ve seen so many creative ways that couples are “meeting” on a date, while staying safe in their separate homes.

Here are a few ideas that are simple to schedule, and will guarantee an enjoyable date night.

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